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Tips On Using your Core Membership
Decided to do this since someone asked how to make her page like mine :) (Smile) Also been wanting to do something like this : P It seems there aren't really any tutorials for this so I hope it helps!
So first thing is:
How to get Core
By going up to the shop button in the top left of your page and hover over it, there will be a buy core membership button. If you click on it, (since deviantart is currently having the discount journal up, you will be redirected to the journal with the offers they have (until Jan. 4th). By clicking on one of the choices you have ($15 for 3 months, $50 for one year, ect) you have the choice to either pay with a credit card, paypal, or points. By clicking credit card you have a choice of Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover and will have to type in your info on the credit card and your address, ect. By clicking Paypal you will be able to pay for it but
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How to Decorate Your Page WITHOUT Core Membership
Hello loves <3 
So this a tutorial on how to make your page all pretty and fabulous without a membership.
Here we go!
So first is...
What widgets are available for Decorating.
Almost all widgets are able to be decorated without a membership.. There are though a few that can not be decorated.
The widgets that can be edited for decoration are:
- Favorites
- Deviations (featured and newest)
- Deviant ID
- Donation Pool
- Critiques
- Featured Print
- Prints
- Wishlist
Widgets that can not be edited for decoration are..
- Watchers
- Friends
- Comments
- Groups
- Journal History
- I Just Sold (Prints)
- Commission (can/can't)
- Activity
These listed are things that you can add to your page without a membership. Widgets you can not add without a membership are...
- Custom
- Delicious Bookmarks
- Twitter
- Polls
- Visitors
- Shoutbox
- Collection
- Forum
- Gallery Folder
 Now that you know what you can and can't add, her
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Would anyone be mad at me if I moved everything back to my old account?
Omg. I'm out of inspiration. HELP!
Tagged by the wonderful :iconotakualice45:~


1. Pick a song (3 minimum, 12 maximum)
2. Title it "To ___" and write a message with some key lyrics (keep it vague if it causes too many problems)
3. Finish with a song you feel boosts yourself and title it "For Myself" followed by your favorite lyrics
4. Nominate some people! :)

For my beautiful irl friends/family and for all of my online/dA friends that have stuck with me even while I was on the run and moving through several accounts and to my beautiful characters~:

"Lift me up when I am falling, you're my friend when I was falling, now I'm on top of the world. On top of the whole wide world."

THANK YOU To all of you who have stuck with me! It's because of you guys that I'm still here and you have been here for me when I needed you the most and I love you all for that! Thank you!

For all of the shitty people in my life that want to drag me down :stare::

"Now you'll never see, what you've done to me. You can take back your memories they're no good to me."
"And here's all your LIES, you can look my in the eyes. With that sad, sad look, THAT YOU WEAR SO WELL!"

The lyrics say it all. My dad is somebody that definitely matches this.

For Lakorvin, PhantomsLegendarium and kitty-key-chan in particular or anybody else who is going through something rough right now:

"You with the sad eyes. Don't be discouraged. Though I realized, its hard to take courage."
"The darkness inside you can make you feel so small."
"This world makes you crazy, and you've taken all you can bear just, call me up, cuz I will ALWAYS be there."

I know you guys are going through a lot and have a lot of mixed feelings but I assure you things WILL get better for you. You're all in my heart and prayers and I wish the best for you. I'm always here if you need me <3

For Lilly S Cline who committed suicide last year...:

"When you'd cry I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears. And I've held your hand through all of these years. You still have, part of me."
"I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone."

I miss you Lilly... Even when you were still here I listened to this song and thought of you.. I thought about all of the good times we had when we were kids.. I think about all of the things you gave me and did for me.. I think about the time that you were over my house and you said it was the best memory you ever had.. I missed the Washington DC trip when we shared a room and had the greatest time and when I was walking around that lake and you were right behind me... I miss watching you draw and drawing next to you.. I miss you sharing your story with me.. I miss us sitting next to each other on field trips and listening to music with each other... I missed it so much... All those times we fought you always came back to me and I always let you back in and if you could've come back to me again if the school didn't come in I would've let you back in... I miss you so much and I've missed you so much even when you were here... I wish you were still here Lilly... So many people have been left heartbroken because you are gone... I love you and miss you...

For my bullies:

"Someday I'll be living in a big old city. And all you're ever gonna be is MEAN."
"All you are is mean. And a LIAR. And pathetic. And alone in life."

I've had many people who have bullied me and this is what I'm beginning to think of them tbh.

For all of the people working towards a goal with their life/art:

"I messed up tonight, I lost another fight. I still mess up but I'll just start again."
"I won't give up, no I won't give in til I reach the end and then I'll start again!"
"Don't beat yourself up. No need to run so fast, sometimes we come last but we did our best."
"I'll keep on making those new mistakes. I'll keep on making them everyday. Those new mistakes."

To all of those who are going through something rough or who are trying to reach a specific goal in life, KEEP TRYING! NEVER give up! There's always a rainbow after a storm. But first we must walk through the storm before we can see that rainbow.

For all of those people out there who are starving, who don't have a home, who feel like they can't do it anymore, for the children with cancer, for those who were raped or abused, for the veterans and for anyone who's going through something heartbreaking and through something that is hard to handle by themselves:

"I need you you right now." 
"So don't let me down."

You ARE loved! You always were and always will be and for those out there thinking about going into volunteering or helping out in some way, please do it! No need to wait or rethink on it. These people need you and they certainty want you. Do whatever you possibly can to help out, even if it's just donating some cans to the 4C's.

For myself :stare::

"Forgetting, all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well. Pretending, someone else can come and save me form myself. I can't be who you are."
"When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, help me leave behind some, reasons to be missed."

This is my soul song. Every word is me.

Hmm I shall tag:
:iconsarang-lee: :iconsummer-grace16: :iconphantomslegendarium: :iconlakorvin: :icontakapaku-p: :icondanferrez: :iconbeautiful-darkside: :iconaliceshards: :iconbritneymorgan: :iconcheesewoob: :iconwitchberrymoon: :icondravoo: :iconjim-kira: :iconkitty-key-chan: :iconlevitatingpiez: :iconmoku-chan018: :iconthelilanimator: :iconvizardgirl: :iconvioletwister: :iconxxwjxx: :iconxx-darkcrimson-xx: and anybody else who wishes to try this! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 

.. I just realized I tagged like a million people xD oh well ;v; Good luck all! w00t! ^^"
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